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T-Shirt Quilts

What is a T- shirt quilt?
A T- shirt quilt is a custom designed quilt created from customer supplied t- shirts which are then cut apart and used in the creating of a functional keepsake. For the graduating high school student or college athlete Dewey Street will take all of those team shirts that hold so many memories and turn them into a sturdy functional quilt to take with you on the next phase of your journey. 
Are you a marathon runner with shirts commemorating all of those races?  Why keep them stashed in a drawer when Dewey Street can take them and turn them into a long lasting durable quilt?

T- shirt quilts can be made for anyone who has a drawer or closet full of T- shirts that are never used but you don’t want to throw away because they hold so many memories. What better way to wrap yourself in those memories than by using a quilt made from those same shirts.


Custom T- shirt pricing
Quilts are priced at $25 per block. For example, if you have 12 shirts that you want used, each one will be cut and used as a single block then assembled with borders and backing it will then be machine quilted for durability. The price for this 12 block quilt would be $300. Both fronts and backs can be used as individual blocks. Fabric for sashing, batting and backing is extra. 

9 blocks        $225
12 blocks      $300
15 blocks      $375
20 blocks      $500


Customer will send washed T-shirts to Dewey Street. You can specify a guideline for colors used in borders but we will ultimately choose the fabric. We use only “quilt shop” quality fabrics in colors that compliment the blocks.

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