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 Price list

Width Inches x Length Inches=Square Inches

Preparing Quilt 

Press Top or Backing
We press tops to remove fold lines. If top

or backing is wrinkled we will charge.

$20 per hour as needed.

Edge to Edge Quilting

Basic pantograph pattern 

1.75¢ per square inch (minimum $50)

Complex pantograph pattern

2¢ to 5¢ per square inch (minimum $80)



Cotton, Cotton Blend & Polyester Batting

Actual cost


Machine (domestic sewing machine) sew customer’s prepared binding to the front of the quilt, and customer does the hand sewing of the back. 15¢ per inch


If we make the binding, we will cut 2½” strips long enough to around the quilt plus 10”, sew the strips together and then press them in half lengthwise right sides out. $5

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